This page describe Widget part for EDD App.

Widgets are essential when you need to display estimated delivery dates in your store.

Show EDD in different pages

You can config which page you need to show EDD info. By default, Product page will always show EDD widget. You can optionally choose Cart , Checkout and Thank you page to show such info.

Themes that support Shopify Online Store 2.0 can embed app easily by clicking a button in our app, adding DH-EDD block. Alternatively, you can also integrate block by adding code manually or choose Auto method.

Widget content

You can customize what edd displays to your liking.

There are three types of widgets in EDD, each containing distinct content:

  1. Text Base

The EDD message in this type is displayed solely in text form.

To present customized content, you can freely modify and add text, placeholders, and emojis.

For instance, you can select {edd_max_date} from the list to insert it in the content or alter the emojis.

The list of placeholders and emojis can be easily found below the text box.

  1. Visual option

This type enhances the Text Base by incorporating visual styles for three distinct order steps.

By default, the three order steps are: Ordered, Order ready, and Delivered.

There are two visual timer styles available:

  • Classic: You can modify the titles, display dates, and Icons for each of the three steps.

For example, in the first step, you can change the title "Ordered" to "Purchased", or change the placeholders from {shipping_date} to {date_of_today}.

  • Advanced: In addition to the classic features, you can add a status description for each step according to your preferences.

  1. Multiple options

This type allows you to customize the names and shipping fees for different delivery methods based on your preferences.

Widget Appearance

You can customize the appearance of widgets based on your preferences.

Key features include:

  1. Basic Configuration appearance

Customize the pixel distance of the widget's outer border from the top, bottom, left, and right edges.

  1. Message Text Appearance

  • Border: customize the pixel distance of the EDD information border from the edges, the roundness of the corners, and the style of the border lines.

  • Color: customize the text, background, and border colors of the EDD message.

  • Other: customize the inner and outer padding.

  1. Progress Bar Appearance

  • Color: customize the icon, text, and date colors for each of the three different order steps.

  • Font: customize the icon, text, and date sizes for each of the three different order steps.

  • Other: customize the distance of the order status bar's outer border.

  1. Modal Popup Country


You can preview your widget after customizing. Navigate to the product pageon the right side and click on the View in Store button.

Widget integration

You can integrate widgets by adding a DH-EDD block.

Please follow the below steps:

  1. From the Shopify menu, navigate to Sales channels > Online Store > Themes

  2. Find the current theme you want to edit and click on Customize.

  3. Locate the section you want to add the widget and click Add block > Apps >DH-EDD

  4. Click on the save button before leaving page

Supported languages

If you need other languages that is not listed here, please contact us.

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