This page describe Widget part for EDD App.

Widgets are essential when you need to display estimated delivery dates in your store.

Widget Type

There are three types of widgets in EDD, each containing distinct content:

  • Text base: The EDD message in this type is displayed solely in text form.

  • Visual: This type enhances the Text Base by incorporating visual styles for three distinct order steps.

  • Multiple options: This type allows you to customize the names and shipping fees for different delivery methods based on your preferences.

Please note that an active subscription is required to enable Multiple options type. For more information, see Plan.

Widget Preview


When different widget types are selected, the content in the content area changes accordingly. This gives merchants great flexibility to customise and display the information you want. See more in type details pages.

You have complete control over the widget content. Every aspect can be customised to suit your preferences. The content can be edited separately for each language, making it ideal for multilingual stores.

To include dynamic content, such as the estimated delivery date, use placeholders like {edd_date}. These placeholders can be easily inserted into the widget's content fields. A comprehensive list of available placeholders is provided below each field.

Widget integration in Theme Editor

If your store uses Shopify Theme 2.0, you need to add the widget block to the desired location to display the widget correctly (usually near the buy button on the product page). Please note that since the app supports multiple languages, ensure that the store's language matches the app's language settings; otherwise, the widget will not be displayed.

You can integrate widgets by adding a DH-EDD block.

Please follow the below steps:

  1. From the Shopify menu, navigate to Sales channels > Online Store > Themes

  2. Find the current theme you want to edit and click on Customize

  3. Locate the section you want to add the widget and click Add block > Apps >DH-EDD

  4. Click on the save button before leaving the screen.

If this method does not work in your store, you can try other approaches as well. Refer Widget placement method for more information.

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