General settings

This page describe general settings for EDD App.

Enabling DH: Estimated Delivery Date

Estimated Delivery Date (EDD) is disabled by default. Please note that an active subscription is required to enable EDD.

Add DH-EDD to theme

There are three method to add DH-EDD in your theme.

Recommend: Theme 2.0

In order for your customers to see the widget we need you to add DH-EDD as an app embed on your Shopify theme 2.0 settings.

  1. Click the button Enable App Embed to be taken to Shopify.

  2. Click the DH-EDD io toggle to enable it.

  3. Click "Save" at the top right to add app to your store.

Auto - Compatible with vintage themes

This works for some old or wintage themes. DH-EDD will decide where to embed code.

Manual - Add the code below in your theme

By this way, you need to mannualy add code into your theme.

<div class="edd-app__manual"></div>

Dispatching date

The date of the customer's order is processed, packaged, and handed over to the courier ready for dispatch. It affects the calculation of the delivery date.

Factors affecting the calculation:

  1. Dispatching Working days

Which days within a week does the business operate and accept orders for processing?

  1. Processing days

How long does it take from the moment a customer's order is received to when it is fully processed and ready to be handed over to the courier for delivery?

  1. Cutoff time

What is the deadline time after which customer orders are no longer processed on the same day and are instead deferred to the next working day?

  1. Time zone

What is the time zone of your warehouse?


You can also choose the date and countdown format you want.

You just need to simply click on the expand arrow and select your favorite format from the data format list and countdown format list respectively.

Delivery date

The date on which your customer can expect to receive their order.

Factors affecting the calculation.

  1. Delivering working days

Which days in a week when shipping is possible?

  1. Min delivery days

What is the minimum number of days it takes for an order to be shipped and delivered?

  1. Max delivery days

What is the maximum number of days it takes for an order to be shipped and delivered?

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